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Certain Byzantine churches were transformed into mosques quite soon after the conquest of Constantinople. The Church of St. Sophia became the “Great Mosque,” which also served educational purposes. A number of other churches were adopted to serve as the mosques of other educational centres. The conversion of still other churches into mosques continued at intervals until the end of the seventeenth century, by which time only two Byzantine churches still remained Christian: the Church of St. Irene and the Church of St. Mary of the Mongols.

This work considers the conversion of Byzantine sanctuaries into mosques from social, historical and architectural points of view, in other words, not only why the churches were converted into mosques, but also what specific architectural alterations were undertaken by the Ottomans in the process.

The book thus focuses on the Ottoman period of the structures rather than on the Byzantine. The monuments are presented in two principal categories, the first part dealing with those still preserved, and the second with those either in ruins or no longer visible at all. Within these two main sections, the monuments and the sites are treated geographically, i.e. according to location.


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